I always say I love names that are unique, but actual names - not just a bunch of letters jumbled together. While I was pregnant, many of my friends asked for clues about our baby names. I always said our boy name was old but uncommon, and our pick for a girl was a shortened version of a common name. 

I had seen the name that is typically spelled “Andrea” instead spelled “Andria". Although I didn’t necessarily want to name our girl Andria, I was really intrigued by the spelling. I also liked the name Landrie, but Joe wasn’t convinced...he thought it was too much like laundry! So in my love for the spelling Andria and the name Landrie, I mixed the two and came up with Andrie, and Joe loved it too! It was immediately the favorite for both of us, and while we came across other names we loved, nothing could beat Andrie. 

Her middle name, Jo, is in honor of her proud daddy, Joseph (Joe). If we would have had a boy, his middle name would have been James, after me (most of my close friends call me James, as does Joe). As for his first name...well, you'll have to wait to see if we have a son someday. ;)