Omaha, NE wedding, birth + lifestyle family photographer

Hey there, I'm Jamie. I'm hoping you'll soon know me as your photographer, and also your friend.


I photograph people who inspire others; whose lives exude raw joy and whose stories evoke emotion in those around them. I thrive with the natural, the imperfect, and the passionate.

Because I best create out of what I feel.



When I walk into a room, the first thing I do is notice.

Color palettes. Windows. Coffee mugs, books and hanging pictures.

My eyes continually bounce around, because I am always creating in my mind. I see everything in terms of how I would photograph it.

If you're looking for more than a fly on the wall - for someone who will experience the moment with you and get straight to the heart of things - I think we'll get along. So head on over to that little connect tab at the top of the page, and introduce yourself!

When we team up, you’re not just gaining a photographer, but a friend who is behind you whole-heartedly.


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